The Binary Bizz


The Binary Bizz undertakes all projects under the scope of objectives that determine the direction / route followed by the project.

All works are carried out and accepted after total analysis and creation of a complete scope document, in order to ensure that our teams have full understanding of the work needed to be done, eliminating possibilities of any project cancellation / reversal / dispute.

Since The Binary Bizz and the client understand that there is work involved to achieve every milestone of the project and completion of every module, a refund would not be possible for the work once assigned to us.

Payments for custom design projects / above services are made to us in increments by client is non-refundable. If a project is cancelled or postponed, all charges paid are retained by The Binary Bizz and if applicable, a fee for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client.

Please read and make sure you fully understand our refund and cancellation policy prior to making a payment. Should you have other questions about our policies, feel free to call us.