a belief in the binary

binary  /ˈbʌɪnəri/
1. involving two things.
2. a system of numerical notation that has 2 rather than 10 as a base.
1. something having two parts.

As our name implies, we understand that business is a partnership. The Binary Bizz seeks to be one half of the partnership with a client.

In the true spirit of such partnership we believe we must think ahead to anticipate a client’s needs and treat their business as though it was ours.

  • We are an asset, not the problem. 
  • Quality is everything
  • Deadlines are fun!
  • We will not hold back work for “a better time for us”. 
  • No job is too small… or too big!
  • We believe we should grow with you.

Product Support & Services

Our services are full stack in every sense of the phrase. From small maintenance jobs to developing apps and products, we respect every assignment.


Web Dev

Our capabilities span a range of cutting edge technologies including: WordPress, Magento, Laravel – PHP,  MEAN stack, MongoDB, Express.JS, AngularJS, Node.js, Python,  HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript, React.JS, JAVA, Coffescript, Open Source Development Services.

Mobile Apps

Our native apps are on iOS or android and use core mobile functionality. Our hybrid apps are an extension of your mobile site. Native Technologies: JAVA, C-objective | Swift, React Native.  Hybrid Technologies: Ionic Framework, Phonegap, Cordova, Xamarin.  

UI/UX | Graphics

At the junction of UX and UI is clean, honest and functional design. We understand the importance  of aesthetics and equally the importance of ensuring users get the picture. Our team of designers are imbued with the spirit of product.

Digital Marketing

In these days of clutter on the web, good quality tech is especially important to be rewarded in the competitive world of search engine rankings. In our ken, we always understand that technology is nothing if it does not reach people. 

Enterprise App Services

Business processes  increasingly use web services as core function. Our team has collective experience in custom-developing market standard products from scratch for total client ownership including CMS, ERP, SAP to name a few.

Networking & Cybersecurity

We audit and report on your technical assets making sure that your are safe from all known threats. With a network of associates across the world, we are proud of considerable depth in this area.